Vic Hurlock

Name: Vic Hurlock

Position: Managing Director

Vic has worked alongside Ewen from a young age. Vic has supplemented his knowledge of hydrology from experience in the water blasting industry and at geothermal power stations as well as having significant skills in IT and business management.

“Involved in the Water Well Drilling Industry since I was eleven (its in my blood)”

Professional Qualifications

  • Contact Energy Wairakei Geothermal Power Plant – 6 Yrs Operations and Project
  • Management. Industrial Cleaning Services – 2 Yrs Branch Manager
  • NZQA NZIM Certificate in Small Business Management
  • NC in Energy and Chemical Plant (Process Operation) (Level 4) Geothermal
  • NC in Energy and Chemical Plant (Process Operation) (Level 4)
  • NC in Occupational Health and Safety (Workplace Safety) (Level 3)
  • ESITO: Electrical Supply Core Electrical Operating Certified
  • TOSHA Crane Operation certified: Units 3789 -3800

Health Studies

  • Level 3 6400 Manage first aid in emergency situations
  • Level 2 6401 Provide first aid


  • Boating – Hunting & Fishing
  • Cycling – Road

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