Health & Safety

Ewen Cameron Drilling Limited has a goal of Zero Harm in our work place. The implementation of our organisations safety systems policies and procedures provides at Ewen Cameron Drilling a safe working environment to our managers, employees, contractor’s customers and the community.

We will measure our success by achieving our goal of Zero Harm in the work place.

Ewen Cameron Drilling is committed to:

  • Providing and maintaining healthy and safe working environments in the work place, providing safe plant and equipment through a proactive approach of identification of workplace hazards, assessment and control of risk.

  • Providing safe terms of work to minimize the risk of injury to personnel and damage to the environment.

  • Seeking continuous improvement in safety, health and environment performance through on-going monitoring, auditing and review of its Health and Safety management system.

  • Implementing Policies, which minimise waste, conserve resources and protect the environment.

  • Complying with all relevant legislative requirements including regulations, standards and codes of practice. When required, implement standards that reflect Ewen Cameron Drilling’s commitment to safety, health and environment.

  • Maintaining a consultative approach involving employees and client companies in the improvement of safety, health and environmental performance.

  • Providing appropriate and adequate supervision, and information, instruction and training to employees so they are able to carry out their duties safely and in a manner consistent with Ewen Cameron Drilling standards.

  • Communicating with employees on occupational health, safety and environmental issues.

  • Encouraging the accurate and timely reporting, recording and investigation of all accidents and incidents.

  • On-going training for all team members, to perform their work safely and supervising them appropriately to ensure compliance with all relevant health and safety standards.

  • Ewen Cameron Drilling is committed to complying with all relevant legislation and regulations everyone whom works for Ewen Cameron Drilling is responsible for working in a safe manner, following all safety rules, participating in safety training and communication meetings, and identifying and reporting all Health and Safety hazards.


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